• Kaylin

The Prom that got away...

Have you all ever spent two weeks planning a shoot, ignoring your other projects (like the elusive wedding blog series I've been working on for like - 3 months? and still haven't published????), gotten backdrops and props ordered and assembled, put ten hours into a custom handmade streamer wall, and been really excited for the model shoot - only to realize the day after the shoot that you actually can't be in town for prom after all? Surely you guys can relate. So here they are! These would have been on the ad for my prom sessions, *if* I was going to be in town on April 18th. But unfortunately, I'll be missing this year. Thanks to Sam for designing two of the 4 sets and both ladies at Square Side Studio for hosting me at the studio while I'm in Leitchfield. And special thanks to Madison and Lindsay for coming out on a dreary dark night and being fabulous prom models. So - maybe next year I'll get to do prom stuff again. Who knows!

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