Associate and Second Shooting

Howdy! I'm Kaylin and you're here because you're looking for a second or associate shooter for an upcoming wedding or event. My current gear kit includes a Canon R6, Sigma 35, Sigma 85, Canon 24-70 2.8, as well as several flashes, RGB LED Panels, and  Bicolor LED spotlights I use for lighting my own weddings. I'm very comfortable with on camera flash and I'm familiar but not comfortable with off camera flash but I'm willing to learn. I'm also completely open to renting gear and I've used a Sony A7iii as well as a Canon 5Diii and 5Div on several shoots so I'm pretty versatile in a pinch!

Associate Shooting

$100/hr + commute time

I show up to the wedding day, shoot it like it's one of my own, and hand you the cards to use as you see fit. Easy peasy. I'm open to conferencing with you and client prior to wedding day or just receiving written details and timeline in advance.


Second Shooting

$65/hr + commute time

I'm a very experienced second shooter. I'm comfortable dealing with rowdy wedding parties and fussy family members, I'm great at keeping up with a timeline and shot list, I don't argue or fuss, and I'm more than willing to be a pack mule or go-fer when needed.