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Hey new friend!

Our goal for every wedding day is to bring a tasty mix of fun, energy and professionalism to the table. We're kind of the bold cheddar chex mix of the wedding photography world! The team here at kaygoodphoto is a rotating cast of characters with anywhere from 2 to 10 years of wedding experience. We all take photos because it's the only job I know of where having a good time is not just a perk, but a priority. You'll see a lot of laughter and love in our photos, a healthy mix of posed and candid shots, and the only tears allowed at our weddings are joyful ones. 

Meet Kaylin
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Your very own rootin' tootin', photo shootin', wedding pro and new pal! I've been shooting portraits for over a decade and I made the decision to focus primarily on weddings in 2016. Since then I've photographed well over 100 weddings, moved across country multiple times, picked up wedding film making and genuinely loved every single second of it. 
I currently share a home in Nashville with my husband, best pal and constant collaborator Joshua and our beloved four legged roommates, Susu and Seymour. What they don't contribute in rent they make up for in snuggles! We spend our days watching weird old horror movies, sharing craft beer at our favorite breweries (I'm an IPA fan, he loves sours), and exploring the incredible natural world through our local parks and trails. 

We should hang out! 
Drop me a line and we'll schedule a wedding consult over tacos or coffee (but not tacos and coffee cause ew)

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