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A Country Christmas Wedding - Cowboy Hats Included

Most of the year, you'll find me watching horror movies or comedy TV series. I've never been much of a rom-com gal and the acclaimed classics just usually leave me not feeling much. However, Thanksgiving Day always marks the start of Hallmark Season in my home and I leave the channel on all the time. That super sweet small town Christmas romance formula is just catnip for me. I knew from meeting Adam and Autumn and hearing her vision for a Christmas wedding at Heavenly View I was about to be IN one of those Hallmark Holiday Classics in real life. Autumn did such an incredible job curating details, accessories and wardrobe choices that are unmistakably Christmas but a lot more subtle and elegant than those stylists over at Hallmark. Her dress was a long sleeve stunner, and when paired with her old Hollywood hairstyling, it was like looking at Grace Kelly. Not to be outdone, Adam looked super fresh in a pine green suit and an exceptionally sharp cowboy hat.

The actual ceremony took place off site at St Paul Catholic Church in St Paul Kentucky. The church was already decked out for Christmas so the theme was consistent the entire day. We made it back to the reception venue with just enough daylight for some formal portraits on the gorgeous hillside Heavenly View is built on, and the evening reception was lit perfectly by loads of Christmas Trees and it was literal magic. This wedding started a personal obsession with Christmas Weddings and I've made a point to try and book a December wedding every year to keep the trend going!

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