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Moody and Historic - A Brown-Pusey House Wedding Day

It's not uncommon for me to consider my clients friends by the wedding day. We'll usually have met in person a handful of times, I've usually given lots of unsolicited wedding planning advice, and I've usually gotten a sense of who my clients are as people through the lens of wedding planning. The day of - we laugh, we have a good time, I take some *sweet* pics of the best day of their lives and we move along, just occasionally touching base again through social media or passing personal interaction. But the most precious weddings I get to photograph are the weddings of the people I already know and love. Elizabeth and Alexis' wedding day was so intimate and sweet. From the bridal prep, to the wedding cake and the music, so many details of the day were provided by people who love the couple and that sense of community and love was clear to see all day. It rained most of the morning, but the showers gave us just enough time and space for an outdoor ceremony surrounded by those they hold dearest and I'm honored to have been among them.

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