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Five Fresh Floral Ideas for Your 2022 Wedding Day

1 - Combine fresh greens with faux florals for a longer lasting bouquet

Additional greenery is an easy way to add texture and size to an existing fresh or faux bouquet. Leather fern, Silver Dollar or Baby Blue Eucalyptus, or even bunches of Baby’s Breath can often be purchased by the bunch not only from florists, but from any grocery store with a floral section. Using a combination of some knockout faux florals from craft stores with fresh greenery can create a super luxurious bouquet that will last days longer than the full fresh alternative and you may save a little money if you decide to do it all yourself!

2- Grow Your Own Florals for Your Ceremony Site

If you’re planning on getting married in a location where you can put some extra time, work and planning in early, growing flowers in your ceremony location can really make a magical statement. Find flowers and filler plants that will be in peak season for your zone and wedding date, and use that green thumb to make for a truly unique ceremony site!

3 - Going all out with a Large Floral Installation

Collaborating with your florist and focusing on large standout pieces can really elevate the atmosphere of the ceremony and reception space. These florals made an awesome impression on the wedding day through their size, texture and unique color palette. Using a floral installation in place of a traditional arbor can set your ceremony apart!

4- Working Directly with a Flower Farm

Working directly with local flower farms and farmers is a great way to support local agriculture, receive the freshest and most in season florals possible, and put some of your budget towards something you can actively feel good about supporting. This wedding had beautiful, non traditional, seasonal flowers from Davida's Flowers that were the perfect fit for this funky backyard wedding.

5- Preserving Your Bouquet as a Piece of Abstract Art

And the final unique floral idea is for after the wedding is over. There are tons of options for preserving your bouquet - hanging to dry, silica gel, pressing, or even encasing in resin! If you're looking for an art piece that will make a statement and won't collect dust as easily as a dried floral arrangement one of these funky abstract bouquet portraits from Kentucky Artist Catrina Higgs is the perfect way to commemorate your favorite flowers! She's also got some ready to ship bouquet paintings on her etsy that are a perfect way to spring up your decor as we head out of winter!

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