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Leitchfield Backyard Wedding - A Family Affair

My favorite weddings are the days where you get to see the networks and communities that couples have built come together to make the dream of a beautiful wedding a reality. People say that food always tastes better when it's made with love, but I don't think it stops there. Songs are sweeter, prayers are stronger and laughter is louder when it's shared with people you love and who love you back. This is one of those weddings. I get 1-2 backyard/elopement sized weddings a year, and while I love a big party, there's something really special about a homespun wedding day.

Amos and Candy's wedding was unique in a few ways. Their approach to the wedding day was super laid back. The plan was to get married on Amos' parents' property, in a side field under nothing but a canopy of tree branches, grounded to the earth through bare feet. Only immediate family would attend and double dip into providing all vendor services. Candy's mother made her dress and, along with her sisters, helped with hair and makeup. One of Amos' brother-in-laws officiated while the other played guitar during the ceremony, his middle sister handled the catering and his eldest sister is currently writing this photo blog! I've been lucky enough to photograph all my siblings' weddings and it's always a tasty mix of the most fun and most stress imaginable.

The first half of the reception took place on the back patio at our parents' house, with delicious food and a beautiful cake prepared by Kendra. Table Floral Arrangements came from Davida's Flowers and Candy's bouquet was done by Jules With the Flowers. There was just enough time for la quick meal, a quick dance, and lots of loving goodbyes as Amos and Candy headed off to the rowdier second half of their reception in their backyard in Bowling Green.


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