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Engagement Session at St Mark's Lighthouse

I had such a blast with Melissa and Josh during their engagement shoot last weekend at St. Mark's Lighthouse. I first visited St. Marks during the trip we decided to move to Florida. While MY Josh was touring the FSU campus, I was seeing my first wild alligator(s!!) and getting my feet wet at the lighthouse pictured below. I fell in love with the almost prehistoric landscape and wildlife and knew that Florida would be the place for us. When Melissa and I were discussing beautiful natural spaces for this session, St. Marks was one of the first spots that came to mind for both of us. The morning was relatively cool (a blessing) and we meandered through the sand and grass enjoying the sunshine and sharing tons of laughs. We scared a few crabs, spotted a few dolphins, picked up some possible shark activity, and got eaten alive by some nasty nasty bugs. Josh got it the worst of us, but he powered through like a champ until the bitter end.

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