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Rainy Day Wedding in Kentucky

The forecast for this August wedding was surprisingly wet, with huge thunderhead clouds rolling across the sky as the scheduled timeline was starting. The venue, The Place at Gilead, is nestled in the countryside in Glendale, Kentucky. It holds a mixture of old school charm and modern convenience, with multiple buildings on the property ready for couples to use as needed, a gorgeous field and tree line for ceremony or photo purposes, and even a hidden creek, which you can see in their engagement photos here! Morgan got ready in the stunning A-frame on the property, which is a moody photographers dream. I'd gotten to photograph this sweet couple once earlier in the summer on the property and I had big plans going into the wedding day. I knew my job would be fun and easy because Morgan and Tyler were A) super super SUPER sweet and nice and charming and delightful and B) over the moon for each other. In spite of the less than ideal weather conditions, they were both just cruising though the day, getting hyped to see each other in the aisle. Since we didn't do a first look, pre-ceremony photos were focused on details and getting-ready photos.

Morgan and Tyler’s wedding ceremony was as sweet as the couple themselves. The rain moved the event into the reception space, but you wouldn’t have known it wasn’t the original plan with how beautifully decorated and prepared the space was. Tyler delivered one of my favorite first looks of the year and everyone in attendance got to hear and see the love these two have for each other. The rain trailed off just long enough for us to squeeze in some quick wedding portraits and family photos. The umbrellas came in super handy for avoiding the worst of the sprinkles, but eventually Tyler and Morgan threw caution to the wind and decided to hold each other as opposed to the umbrella handles.

The reception opened with their first dance, which was cut short by the handsomest guy in attendance cutting in for a special dance with Morgan. Dinner, cake and speeches were rolling along when I caught sight of the first glimpse of sunshine we’d had all day outside the reception hall doors. I always tell clients that, if I see a banging sunset happening during the reception, I will kidnap them immediately if it’s pretty enough. We snatched Tyler and Morgan away from the festivities and ran outside to the most gorgeous moody broody hazy foggy sunset, and as we turned the corner of the venue, we were shocked to see a technicolor rainbow in the opposite direction. Two stunning backdrops at the tail end of a remarkably dreary day! We quickly set up and shot some of my favorite wedding portraits of the year before returning to the reception and tearing it up on the dance floor until the end of our coverage.

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